Past Tournament Winners

Fall Ball 2022

1st. place...Team: Rock and Roll...Debra Cannon, Michael Cannon, Dharma LaRocca, Michelle Angela

Spring Roll 2022

1st Place - Pavi Cannon, Derek Walker, Jose Oliver, Kathi Heckenkemper

Fall Ball 2021

1st Place-Jewel Cardinet, Rob Danning, Mary Margaret, Dane Packard

Couples "Bocce Love" Tournament 2019

1st Place - Kevin and Bree Sears

Spring Roll 2019

1st Place - Denver Latimer, Jewel Cardinet, Kelly Murphy, Alicia Silva

Spring Roll Blind Draw 2018

1st Place - Wendy Danning, Tatjana Rei, Jim McKenna, Denver Latimer

Couples "Bocce Love" Tourney 2015

1st Place - Team "Irish Temper/Italian Attitude". Michelle Angela, Michael Cannon

Butcher Shop Bocce 2018

1st Place Team: Grande Palle - Danny Stephens, Jason Bowman, Chris Cobb, John Barroso

Spring Roll/Random Draw 2015

1st Place - Katie O'Hara, Elizabeth Graham, Dave Mosier, Cannon Johnson

Butcher Shop Bocce 2017

1st Place - Johnny Smith, Mark Micheli, Greg Amaral, Dave Moon

Past League Winners

Chico Backyard League Fall 2021

1st Place:Team Whiskey and Wine-Michael Cannon, Michelle Angela, Dharma LaRocca

Chico Backyard League Fall 2022

1st Place Team: Helltown Hotshots - Jason Pezzetti, Dharma LaRocca, Debra Cannon

Chico Backyard League Spring 2022

1st Place Team: D1 Kirk Johnson, Michael Cannon, Cannon Johnson

Congrats to the 2023 "Couples Tournament"
winner: Dharma LaRocca and Debra Cannon

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