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At present Chico Bocce has two leagues, The Chico Backyard League, played at multiple private courts, and the Hemlock Bocce and Social Club League. Both are played on Thursdays in the spring and the fall. Chico Bocce’s efforts with the Chico Area Recreation Department has resulted in plans to build public bocce courts that will allow even more leagues to flourish! Become a Chico Bocce member and receive all information relating to leagues.

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Chico Backyard League

The Chico Backyard League hosts league play on multiple Chico backyard courts. Matches are played on Thursdays with each team playing two games per night. Matches are played with two team members on the court, however teams may be comprised of more than two team members. Looking forward to a great fall season! Thank you all!

A few players from the Chico Backyard League!

                                                                       SCHEDULES AND STANDINGS HERE!



Hemlock Bocce and Social Club League

The Hemlock Bocce and Social Club League

                                   The Hemlock Bocce and Social Club Fall League 2023 is now FULL with 14 teams!

                                                       1 Tim and Nancy Kemper/Bruce Jenkins (Roll Another One)

                                                       2 Martin Leon/Dave Jones (Rolling Stoners)

                                                       3 Gary and Kathi Heckenkemper (Ball Busters)

                                                       4 John and Cris Seid (Bad Seeds)

                                                       5 Kim and Paige Gimbal (Holy Rollers)

                                                       6 Phil LaRocca/Hanan Ingel (Helltown Bocce)

                                                       7 Brittney/Danny (Hard Kombocce)

                                                       8 Marilyn/Chant (Chimney Rock Stars)

                                                       9 Kathleen Kirby/Donna Rose(Go Cat Go)

                                                      10 Julie Bedger/Cat McCombs(Bocce Did It Anyway)

                                                      11 Dan Ehman/Michael/Michelle (Top Shelf)

                                                      12 David Samuels/James Meriwether(Bocce Bolognese)

                                                      13 Liz and Zack (Rolling Schells)

                                                      14 Wendy and Will (An Anchovy not a Sardine)

                                                                       SCHEDULES AND STANDINGS HERE!