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At present Chico Bocce has two leagues, The Chico Backyard League, played at multiple private courts, and the Hemlock Bocce and Social Club League. Both are played on Thursdays in the spring and the fall. Chico Bocce’s efforts with the Chico Area Recreation Department has resulted in plans to build public bocce courts that will allow even more leagues to flourish! Become a Chico Bocce member and receive all information relating to leagues.

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Chico Backyard League

The Chico Backyard League hosts league play on multiple Chico backyard courts. Matches are played on Thursdays with each team playing two games per night. Matches are played with two team members on the court, however teams may be comprised of more than two team members. The Chico Backyard is now FULL with 20 teams! Looking forward to a great spring season! Thank you all!

A few players from the Chico Backyard League!

                                                           SCHEDULES AND STANDINGS HERE!


Hemlock Bocce and Social Club League

The Hemlock Bocce and Social Club hosts a 14 team league with matches played on Thursday evenings. All games are played on the Hemlock Bocce And Social Club court with teams of two. Some teams may have more than just two team members to cover life situations such as illness, travel, etc. At present the Hemlock Bocce and Social Club League is FULL, but check just below to sign up to be on an "alternates" list.

The Hemlock Bocce and Social Club League

                                                                              Schedules and Standings Here!




Both Backyard Leagues Are Full!

If you would like to be an alternates list for the HEMLOCK BOCCE AND SOCIAL CLUB LEAGUE email Michael Cannon at: pubscouts@mac.com Alternates fill in for players unable to make their matches due to life situations, travel, illness, etc.
You must be a member of Chico Bocce to play so become a member ($10).