Our Mission

Chico Bocce is a non-profit, public benefit corporation dedicated to promoting the sport to enhance community, social interaction, and physical well-being. We promote BOCCE without regard to race, age, gender, or ethnic background, making special efforts to meet the needs of the physically challenged.

Bocce History

Having developed from games played in the Roman Empire, Bocce developed into its present form in Italy (where it is called bocce, the plural of the Italian word boccia which means 'bowl' in the general sporting sense), it spread around Europe and also in regions to which Italians have migrated. In South America it is known as bochas, or bolas criollas ('Criollo balls') in Venezuela, and bocha in south Brazil. The accessibility of bocce to people of all ages and abilities has seen it grow in popularity among Special Olympics programmes globally and it is now the third most played sport among Special Olympics athletes.

With so many people playing bocce around the world, it is common for varying game/court rules. Check out our rules page.

Board Members

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